Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On my mind today

I'm getting ready to head out on the road for work next week and hope to spend some of my time writing (especially during lonely evenings in Hampton Inns). In the meantime, here are some of the things on my mind:

Blueprints for Building Better Girls by Elissa Schappell
I caught the post-interview Q&A with author Elissa Schappell on WFAE's Charlotte Talks in early January 2013. The author was talking with a mom and discussing how the work of building better girls also applies to building better boys: teaching all children to have empathy, to be respectful, to be kind. I was hooked. I love it when I hear something or read something that makes me grin or want to pump my fist in the air because I feel so in tune with what I'm hearing or reading. As the mom of two sons, I am raising feminists. My definition of feminist refers to any person that believes women and girls deserve rights equal to those of men and boys. I bookmarked the interview to go back, have a listen and hopefully to learn something. I would also like to get Ms. Schappell's book. You can listen to the podcast here.

Milk, Cheese, and Butter - Conventional, Raw, or Organic?
We try to purchase organic groceries whenever our budget allows it. This has very rarely extended to dairy (cow's milk) products. I find the cost of conventional dairy to be pretty costly; yet I have heard from more than one friend that if you're going to buy anything organic, it should be organic dairy (which is even more costly). I also know a number of moms in Charlotte who buy raw milk and butter (not sure about cheese). It's not legal to sell unpasteurized dairy products in North Carolina but we are just ten miles from the South Carolina border where it is legal. Must investigate these options to determine if the cost is worth it in our budget. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the job of family nutritionist but fortunately there are a ton of resources and friends to help. What's your take on dairy - conventional, raw, or organic? Why?

Key West
Need I say more? This is hands down my favorite get-a-way since my first trip in high school with my BFF to visit her uncles. M and I got married there. It was the place I went to the week after my mom died. Last week I found out a co-worker quit her job and is moving to KW for a future unknown. While this is not my chosen path, I would be lying if I didn't admit to a smidge of envy. We all have places we hold in our hearts that fill us with longing, and for me one of those is Key West. When I think of it I feel lighter, younger; like I've taken a deep breath and experienced a release. I am looking forward to heading back there in 2015 when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

What's on your mind today?


  1. Hi Melissa-Remember me from Saginaw? Long time ago!!! Anyways I also find being confused and overwhelmed with providing the best chemical free food for my 3 girls (ages 8, 5, 19 months). We choose to only buy the dirty dozen organic since these 12 items contain 80% of the pesticides we ingest. As for milk, organic cow and soy milk. The $6 price tag hurts...a lot! I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Tasha! Thanks for your comment and it's good to hear from you. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I am glad you reminded me of the dirty dozen...I keep forgetting to print out the list to keep handy when I shop. Have you found that the organic milk you buy is ultrapasturized? That is one of the issues I run into here with organic milk here. I'm looking into a local low-temp. pasturized milk co-op as we speak but it's still really $7 a gallon...ugh! Hope all is well. Your girls are lovely.


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